31543340_10212023153918101_8360548325820203008_nHave a lookThere are so many different translations of the bible, Now the bible is the holy word of God. Man took it upon them self to change words to their benefit, in order to please man.Some said so that people can understand it. now tell me God made every thing…Christ Jesus is the word, If there was something in there that GOD did not want in there He would not let it be in there.

If you are not for God then you are for the devil. he has tricks for you. If the holy Spirit is in you, you will see the tricks of the devil. Christ said he is a deceiver, this is the signs of the end time. Here are some of the words that common man Remove out of the Holy bible to please them self. People it is your responsible to search for the truth it’s in your bible the Holy Bible. When the Dead sea scroll was found it was said that the book of Isiah was found in it, there was no different than what is in the bible

The bible was written by holy man inspired by the Holy Spirit…therefor those bible can’t be Holy bibles they are not God’s inspire words. Don’t be confuse by them Buy the King James bible this was proven to to the most authentic Bible out there to day. Bible   

Evangelist J Burton.