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In this blog I will be posting, and sharing the true word of God.
My name is Julia Burton. I am an Evangelist, But I don’t dwell on  a name only but on doing the will of the Lord. I want to give a little insight about me my calling, and dedication to my the Lord.
This is about my calling as a believer.
It was on March 8, 1995 on a Saturday evening I fully surrender my life to the Lord. Now this is the birth that count…I have been transform from the fleshly birth to the spiritual birth, this is the birth that Christ sees, the old me has been buried with Christ. Before it got to this point at sixteen I was save I grew up in a Christian family, but I did not know the bible, or Get the word from the preacher. People go to church jump around clap and shout, but no instruction on how to please God.
I told the Lord back then, when I get fifty years old I will serve Him. Now I am forty-eight…coming home on a Friday night from bowling on the express way my son in the car with me, no seat belt fastens going 60-65 mph. I am following this car at once he switches to the left…there was a car moving slowly now I’m right on it I had no choice but to switch out fast so that I didn’t hit that car, the crazy part is that I switch in to the speed lane on 195 with out looking I did not have time to look to see if the lane was clear. My son and I along with some one else could have been killed that night. The flowering week almost the same thing happens, on I95 there are what I call little rising, as I came over the rising this car was right there trying to get over to make the exit that is right in front of them…thank the Lord I was driving a stick and was able to down shift quickly.
As I was driving along in my spirit I heard these words THREE STRIKES AND YOU ARE OUT! I knew exactly what was being said, my time is not your time if I don’t heed to the Lord’s calling he will take me out of here, the next time will be fatal…I will not live to be fifty. I told the Lord he has my body mind and soul totally…I could have been in hell at this time, but for God’s mercy.
Now I’m that new creation that He said I’m, I begin to see things, and people differently No more hate… love begins to grow in me. People now see the changes in me. I was not a people person, I had my own business, but not always pleasant. I now had a smile on my face no more hi, or good morning, I now had an happy outlook. There was a day this lady was talking to the security guard I was standing at my counter in my concession, “and she said to him let me go back here and see what is going on with this lady”…as she came toward me she said miss Julia what is going on with you…you have a glow on your face. I smile and said I am save now she said “Oh I know something was different”.
Another day not long from that I went to the meat market to shop for my business, as I was about to get out of my car a lady was coming by we spoke to each other, she turn back to me, and as she looked into my face she said “oh you are save”, and she turn away. There where many time people would come to my counter and ask me if I was a Christian, and ask me to pray for them. This is one of the reason I can firmly say there will be a change in you when Christ comes, and lives with in you.
I’m growing in God’s grace as His word said. My dressing change, no more short dresses, no more pants nor sleeveless dressing no more make up, no more colored hair no more fouls nails, I did not like flashy things…I gave away all my Jewelry. One day I came home, and as I walk in to my bedroom this was spoken in my spirit DON’T DO IT! I said to myself don’t do what as I stood there I look at my refection in the mirror, and in my hand was the die for my hair, I said “OH” I am not to die my hair… it has been more than twenty years I have not die my hair. I liked one of a kind, I never want to look like the next person I considered my self one of a kind.
When I was a little girl I remember my ears being pierce, and I had a gold earrings, this was common because they did not know any better even today. I used to have a business selling costume jewelry for years. I was still wearing my earrings after I got save, I did not wear just any earrings, being in the business for many years I know what to wear. I had this earring in my ear for awhile one day my ears hurt so badly I had to take them out, and never put them back. Now this did not happen overnight it happens bit by bit through dedication, and desire to please God.
Before I was save I was invited to a wedding, this lady was the jewelry lady in the building where my business was. By the time of the wedding I was now save…I went to the wedding I took my sister with me. On the way I hit the curve and loose air in my tire I got a tire fix in the can, and fix it. I went on to the wedding. But could not find it I drove a round from one side to the other…the amazing thing it was on the second floor there was one, only one high rise building we were looking at the building, and did not know that was the building. On two occasion I went half way down that street which leads in to the building, and turn around. I quit, and we went to my mon House. on Monday at my work the security guard came over to my counter, “he said I did not see you at the wedding”… these words came out of my mouth the Lord did not want me there. I was speechless then I start to analyze what had happen, now I know why I could not have find it. That is no longer my life style God would not be getting the glory from me. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that was leading, and guiding me to this day.
It came a time my pastor said to me that he wants to ordain me to be a minister… I did not ask any questions I said ok, he must see something in me. But most of all I want to please the Lord. One day I want to visit my pastor’s pastor when I meet with him the first thing he said to me truly you are a woman of God… the Lord want you to know not to worry about memorizing scripture, that blew my mind because this was my pray day, and night, Lord help me to memorize scripture. He said he see me as a mother figure standing at the door of the church making sure that those who comes in are property attire. I realize that the Lord had prepare me by changing my life to be an example…of the changes that will take place in the life of a believer.
On a Sunday night we were having service, and the Holy Spirit came over me…I ask the Lord what was he trying to tell me, here I am Lord I heard in my spirit CRY ALOUD! And the feeing went away. I didn’t think any more about it. On that Wednesday morning early, I was woken up with that same feelings the Holy Spirit was moving as it was on Sunday night…I got up and was crying out to the Lord I want to know what is happening, what is it He want me to do, I heard the word fast in my spirit, so I fasted that day. On Thursday morning the same thing happen the Holy Spirit move with in me…I walk the floor crying and talking to the Lord, I heard in my spirit CRY ALOUD. I got my bible and look it up it was in Isaiah 58:1 it said CRY ALOUD AND SPARE NOT LIFT YOUR VOICE AS A RTUMPET LET MY PEOPLE NOW THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS LET THEM KNOW RHEIR SINS.
I read that chapter over and over trying to find out the message in it, well it spoke about keeping the Sabbath I tough I was to keep the Sabbath. I did not know then about the Law, and Sabbath was for the Jews, the apostle Paul said the scripture was written for our learning. I join a Sabbath church I was there for a few years, and during that time I had in counter with the Holt Spirit. There was a time we was having an all night prayer meeting…I was sitting at the alter with my head down, the next thing I know I was sitting on the pew with by bible open and I was reading red letters. I tried to see where this was, but it was as if I was wearing by focus I could not see above what I was looking at. I was saying I have never read this in the bible before.
It is said that the red writings in the bible is Jesus speaking…therefor He was giving me this message. But we must remember that He does live in the believers. As I read it said I CAME TO ABOLISH CONDEMNATION THROUGH RASERACTION. It that time I did not know the meaning of this. Not long after it was time for the members business meeting, but this turn out to be a different kind of meeting. Our pastor told about an actuation that came up about him, and another person he told us that he was going to step down until this is all resolve… which he did. There was a member of his church who left to establish his own church who thinking that if he discredit my pastor that the people will follow him. My pastor was a Federal Marshall, he was assigned to go to England. While he was there he got a call from the wife of this same man that she was also in England, she came to his hotel room and they talk. but when he got back he found out that there was a tape of their conversation completely different from what they talk about. He got a copy of the tape now the Government must intervene because he was on assignment, and they did their investigation, and found out that this tape was altered it was split they clip and paste. When that man found out that the GOV had taken over, they say he got sick and had to be hospitalize.
When I told my pastor about my dream he said he wish I could have told him earlier, me to if only I knew, the bible said he will not bring his people to an open shame. Everything came back in order.
Now I’m married getting to know my husband who said he was a Christion, but all wisent there. We moved to the west coast to a more peaceful place, so I thought But I was sick now with arthritis in my hips, I have seen doctors who said I have to have hip replacement because they where bone on bone, I had to close 2 business because I could not stand nor walk without my walker. The doctor in Mia said it cost the cause will be 50, thousand each sides to operate. Here I am no Insurance, It took 9 months to get an appointment with the Doctor. This is how back up they were. Not knowing the Lord was in the plan, I believe the Lord was setting everything up for me.
I could not drive any more. My husband would drive me to the doctor. And day I had to see the nurse practitioner, she asks about my condition, and my work history then she ask if I would want to work again, my answer was yes very much so. She said that she will wrote me a referral, I contacted that agency and the ball begin rolling within six months the Doctors was making arrangement for my surgery. I had one side done, and with in 3 month the other side was done. It went from 100 thousand, to 000 thousand. Yes, not a red cent…and the best Doctor, best of service. Before I move I applied for Disability never could get any where, I would go to the office it takes all day. Now where I move to it is not congested, went I go to the SSS office, it as if I walk in and walk out!
Within a few weeks I got my check. The move was beyond my control it was not plan. I sold my home, he sold his condo when I put my house up for sale we di
not think about moving. I told the Lord that my life was in his hand and if he wants me to walk again to let it be, and if not I will be satisfied, if you give me back my limbs I will use them to walk. I used to envy people to see them walking and I had to sit at all time. Before my operation I used to sit up in my bed and do my studying I had my bible dictionary, and writing pad.
After my operation which was in 204, I was studying my bible but I want to see if anything worth watching on the TV such as teaching or a service. As I was flipping through I came across this simple man with a stand in front of him and a black board. I watch for a minute and I stop, the flowing morning I did the same thing I listen this time and he was talking about the Sabbath which got my attention, because I’m a Sabbath keeper I want to know where I stand. I found out sometimes when I talk to people about the truth of the bible. They come in a confrontation mood, when I hear something about the word that I am not formulae with, I listen, and find out for my self… because the bible has every thing that we need to live this life.
This man have change my life Lesfeldick…he was a God sent. As the bible said those who are hungry and thirst after righteousness shell be fill. This was me I waned to know because I was hungry for the word. from 204 until to this day I’m still studying…the bible is a progressive book it revealed it self ], the closer it comes to the end the more it opens up, and reveals more, and more. I have learned the only way to please the Lord is to study his word…The Holy Spirit will open your understanding, to rightful divide the word as Timothy said.
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January 19, 2018
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on Private: story of my Salvation
“Private: story of my Salvation”
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