How not to Be Deceive

Scripture today! Psalm 1 4:1- The fool hath said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt; they have done abominable works; there is none that doeth good. Most people read this as saying there is no God, but the words there is in italic means it was added in translation… if it’s removed THERE IS, this is what it is NO GOD!
This is what is going on still today God gave us His words The Bible KJV is the most authentic. I am amazed at the number of bibles there is today and I don’t believe there are two are alike. But do you know that the Holy Spirit would not let you used any of them, God the creator of words would not five you meaningless words that do not make any sense to a sentence!
Before there were the written words God gave His messages to His Prophets, for His people did they believe them? they did not. The world is no different today the apostle Paul said the scripture was written for our lear learning… that is Romans through Philemon because these were given to him for the Gentiles these are our doctrines.
God has no prophets in this age of grace because we have the written words. back then the Holy Spirit did not live in a person He would come into a person to perform what He wanted them then to do or know… then He would leave.It’s amazing that Christians with the Holy Spirit don’t see these things. Age of grace and the law can’t mix,,, Law the old before the cross was for the Jews God’s earthly people.
The new now is the Gentles in this age of grace after the cross in this age of grace when this period is close there is no more time as we know it to be… because the believers would not be here to know, because we are His heavenly people in the book of Genesis told us this, far back there. but it is in our doctrines. People everything we needed to know is in our Romans through Philemon this is God talking to the believers
The old testament was God talking to His people through His prophets… when Jesus came to set up His Kingdom Remember He is the King of the Jews, not Gentiles. the Bible said we are one with Christ Jesus.we are in the body of Christ Jesus.we are join arise with Him…meaning what is His is ours we would rule the Kingdom with Him. But our Home is in Heaven… we are His heavenly people. This is the reason He created the heaven and the earth.
.In order to know God, you have to be a part of HIM, everyone can read the BIBLE but only a believer can truly understand it, the Bible said it’s spirited discerned that without the Holy Spirit you cant fully understand the Bible. this is why He gave us teachers one who is chosen by God not all teachers know how to rightfully divide the words of truth. and a believer would know this. because the same Holy Spirit who wrote it is the same Spirit who dwells in a believer and our Spirit has to agree. Just as he said the believers are to agree to the same thing.
It’s Satan job to deceive you, see he want to be god, therefore, he would try in every which way to deceive. See he has the world they are his but those who claim to be Christians… believe me he knows a true believer. Those who are on the fence he is playing you. those who go to school with all degrees this does have nothing to do with God He teaches His People Moses He could not use until after 40 yrs in the desert… Saul was a man well learned he left everything behind he called then dung. His disciples He said to follow me they drop everything to follow Him.
I wonder how many would do this today? So many are using God as merchandise to linen their pockets… what you are seeing it’s not of God. when Jesus came to earth He did not have anything His family was not rich,…He said birds have nest foxes have holes but the Son of man has nowhere to lay His head… maybe all of these rich Christians don’ know this is in the Bible This is the life of a believer as Apostle Paul He was a well off man being a member of the Sanhedrin… he had to have a family in order to be a member one has to have a family. 2 Corinthians 11;23 this is what a well of man came to in order to bring the gospel of grace to the world… and people ditched him but yet they are saved…Just as the Children of Israel could not be saved without Moses because God chose him for that job, God has chosen Paul to lead the Gentiles into the body of Christ Jesus. and all who don’t follow his instruction that God gave him for the Gentiles you are not saved.
You can only find instructions for the body of Christ Jesus in Romans through Philemon what is in these books are nowhere else in the bible,,, simply because you can’t mixed law and grace. Law was for the Jews, Grace is for the Gentiles in this dispensation.I pray this would help someone with their walk with the Lord… we are in the age of great deceptions find the truth for your self you have to stand before God by your self. Jesus gave His disciples this warning not to be deceived. so say I!

Author: straighttalkfromthebible

I'm an Evangelist, call by God to do his will by reaching people for the glory of God. I ask this question where are you going to spend eternity? Time is Short Eternity is Long

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