How to be converted.

For those who don’t know the Lord, and would like to know Him.

To know the Lord is to love Him. It sames that in times of trouble people will call on the Lord, but as long as things is good they don’t think about Him. not to many knows that God does not hears  sinners  pray… people are wasting their time praying for some one who is a sinner, He hears not sinners pray, John 9: 31 this is the only pray he will hear from you is a pray of repentance. Surrender your self to Him,  means turning from the world, and coming to Christ, here is that prayer. Lord Jesus I’m a sinner who wants to be save, I no longer want to live this sinful life I want to serve you, I believe you died for me you was buried, and you rose from the grave, I except you as my Lord, and savior thank you Lord for saving me. From now on God will hear your pray you are a part of Him.

Now you are save it has to be a heart thing not a head thing, if you are sincere God hears, you now belong to Him. If you were to die this moment you will be where He is in heaven.1Corinthians 15:1-4, Tell some one that you are save pray to the Lord, read your bible find a church that is preaching what the apostle Paul teaches which is Roman -Philemon. But all of the bible is God’s word, but these books is where we get our doctrines from. I thank the Lord for you, and welcome to the family of Christ.

A bout baptism, when I got save or tough I was save I got baptize by a woman pastor, her husband had a stroke, and I so wanted to please the Lord I want to make sure I am living according to His word. I know that a woman was not to be a leader over the church so I was baptize by a man pastor, this is why it is so important to know God’s word for your self, now I’m feeling better because I am pleasing God. But is spite of all  that, I joining the sabbath church, being baptize the right way so I tough, but something was missing. The bible was not lining up for me I notice it will say some thing here and some thing different some where else, I was stuck don’t know who to ask because no one is really explaining the bible until I met my bible teacher it open up another world for me, I thank the Lord every day for him, and for all of those who are save through him, If you are hungry for the word of God , which all believers should be then you shill listen to his bible study the word of God is your food, and if you find your self not in his word then you are not a part of him. He said those who are hungry and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. The apostle said to be full with the knowledge of God. ?


Author: straighttalkfromthebible

I'm an Evangelist, call by God to do his will by reaching people for the glory of God. I ask this question where are you going to spend eternity? Time is Short Eternity is Long

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